Welcome to our frequently asked questions page.  We are always updating this page with food truck questions so please feel free to send an email to info@bookmylot.com if there is a questions you have that is not answered below.

  1. Do I have a choice of which trucks park at my location?
    • Yes.  Depending on availability, there are multiple food trucks to choose from, sometimes too many!
  2. Do you provide food trucks for residential complexes?
    • Yes we do provide food trucks for residential apartment complexes.  Tenants love to get together once or twice a month and enjoy a food truck night right on their own property.
  3. Should I hire a food truck if we already have an onsite cafe?
    • That’s completely up to you as an owner or property manager and will also depend on the terms of the onsite commissary contract that is set in place.  We have a lot of clients that like the variety and offer both onsite options as well as food trucks.  In many cases, the two work well together, keeping tenants on the property when it comes time to eat.  More recently, more property owners are deciding not to renew their onsite vendor and solely provide food trucks 5 days a week.  You can’t beat a rotating supply of great food!
  4. How many times per week should schedule a truck for our tenants?
    • As long as the trucks sales are consistent, you can have them there every day of the week.   Sometimes we advise locations to start off slow, maybe scheduling trucks 1-2 times per week.  If the demand is there and the trucks become popular, than we can add more days per week.
  5. Should the food trucks park on our property or on the street?
    • Definitely let them park on your property. We run into a couple issues by placing trucks on a public street. We like to compare it to general admission tickets to a concert as opposed to assigned seating. First, if trucks were asked to park on the street, we would have no control over which trucks park there since it’s open to the public.  Second, it would be tough to guarantee that the same spot/area would be saved each day.  If the trucks are on your property, we can manage/regulate the entire process.
  6. Do we need a permit to have a food trucks at our office?
    • Usually no, a permit is not required but this will really depend on the event type and where the truck is parked.  Visit our “Start Booking” page and submit your inquiry today and we can determine if one is needed.
  7. How long is a food truck shift?
    • You can really book trucks for any time you please, but Breakfast can range anywhere from 7:30am-10am, Lunch can range anywhere from 11:30am – 2pm and Dinner can range anywhere from 5:30pm – 8:30pm.
  8. How long does it take for a food truck to set up?
    • This really depends on how fast the truck is and how much coffee they had that day, but in general, they only need 20-30 minutes to be fully operational.
  9. What types of food truck cuisines are there?
    • Pretty much anything you can think of, there’s a truck that serves it.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, juices, coffee, you name it.  New fusions develop everyday like Chinese-Soul Food.
  10. How many food trucks should I have at my office space?
    • This will really depend on the number of people you have at your location, but more importantly, how many of those people are actually going to eat.  On a regular lunch shift (around two hours), one truck can service anywhere from 70-180 customers.  For example if you have 800 people at your location but only 300 will actually eat at the trucks, we’d advise 2-3 trucks.
  11. Do food trucks have the same health requirements as restaurants?
    • Yes.  Actually, food trucks go through more extensive inspection requirements per year than restaurants.  If you do not see a letter grading on a food truck, you always have the right to request to see their health grading.
  12. How many food trucks do you work with?
    • Currently we work with hundreds of food trucks in most major markets across the country.  Those numbers are growing fast each month.  Contact us for a list of trucks in your area.
  13. How much does a food truck cost to park at my office?
    • Nothing, zip, zilch, zero!  Trucks are free unless you are looking to prepay and cater a truck for a set amount of people.  All we ask if that you provide enough people to meet the trucks minimum sales requirement but in some cases, you will not be required to pay the difference if those minimums are not met.
  14. Do food trucks provide insurance?
    • Yes, once we determine your insurance requirements, we will provide a COI (Certificate of Insurance) prior to the trucks arrival.