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Falasophy - Falafel Goodness!


Falasophy - Los Angeles

Falasophy Food Truck is a gourmet falafel shop and hummus bar, starting its journey as a food truck in summer of 2014. The Falosophy food truck set out to create Falasophy to provide their interpretation of exciting cravable street food and offering it using the highest quality and the freshest ingredients possible. The Falosophy food truck menu is focused on falafel and hummus along with accompanying sides and salads and as such is all vegetarian and mostly vegan. They are dedicated to providing the best tasting falafel sandwich and hummus period. Everything the Falosophy food truck serves is made from scratch and all natural. When not making Falafel, Falasophy enjoys reading ancient texts, pontification and listening to podcasts of Sorcates' teachings. Hire the Falasophy food truck for your next food truck event or let the Falasophy food truck cater your next party.

Falasophy Menu

Classic Falafel Pita Sandwich
Inspired by the falafel carts of the streets of New York. Pita pocket, with Falafel, hummus, lightly pickled red cabbage, Persian cucumbers, tomatoes & tahini sauce

Spicy Falafel Pita Sandwich
Spicy Moroccan Hummus, Falafel, pickled red cabbage, Persian cucumbers, tomatoes & tahini sauce

Eggplant-Falafel Pita Sandwich
Our classic Falafel Pita layered with slices of eggplant marinated in pomegranate molasses & garlic

Modern Tacos
A house favorite, Flour tortilla, falafel, avocado, pickled red cabbage, cilantro-crema & house-pickled jalapeños

Eggplant-Feta Tacos
Flour tortilla, falafel, pomegranate marinated eggplant, Greek feta cheese & tahini sauce

Falafel Hummus Bowl
Hummus, falafel, pickled red cabbage, Persian cucumbers, tomatoes & tahini sauce

Greek Hummus Bowl
Traditional Hummus, Grain tabouli, Greek Feta & Kalamata Olives

The Hummus – Avocado Pita Sandwich
Traditional Hummus (or Spicy Hummus), Tabouli, Avocado

Grilled Cheese Pita
Lebanese Akawi cheese (similar to Mozzarella) , whole-wheat pita, fresh mint Persian cucumbers, Kalamata olives. Try it with Eggplant

Gourmet Sides

Spicy Garlic Fries
Our Hand-Cut Fries tossed in a slightly spicy garlic cilantro dressing. Not be missed

Hand Cut Fries
Cut fresh in house and double fried for perfect crispiness

Kale-Tabouli Salad
Organic Red Quinoa Salad

Marinated Red Beets
Mustard Vinaigrette Dressing


Plato’s Salad Bowl
This is what Plato had for lunch everyday. Organic Quinoa salad, kale tabouli salad, house made hummus, avocado topped with falafel

Enlightened Sliders
Hawaiian bun, falafel patty, dill pickle tzatziki sauce, Persian cucumbers

Lebanese Cheese Taquitos
Traditional Stuffed Grape Leaves


Traditional Hummus & Pita
Traditional Homemade from scratch from 5 simple ingredients, Garbanzo Beans, Fresh Lemon Juice, Garlic, Tahini & Salt served with Pita

Spicy Moroccan Hummus
Our Traditional Hummus blended with a spicy home-made Moroccan Harissa paste served with Pita

Red Pepper Walnut Dip
Slightly spicy, roasted red pepper, walnuts, extra virgin olive oil, cracked wheat bulgur served with Pita

***Please note that all menu items, specials and prices are subject to change on a daily basis ***



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