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India Jones Chow Truck

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India Jones Chow Truck - Authentic Indian Food!


India Jones Chow Truck - Los Angeles

India Jones Chow Food Truck is home to the well respected Chef Sumant Pardal, the owner. He hails from a family of restaurateurs in India and has been cooking for 38 years. The India Jones Chow food truck brings authentic Indian food to the streets of LA. The India Jones Chow food truck's famous Butter Chicken, a mild tomato & cream curry served with rice, is a staple of the menu. At the 2nd annual Vendy Awards the India Jones Chow food truck dished out delicious Indian plates, won the event's ultimate recognition of sidewalk talent, the Vendy Cup. People cannot stop raving about the Indian Jones Chow food truck, and Sumant Pardal has really done a wonderful job keeping Indian street style food legitimate. Hire the India Jones Chow food truck today for your next event, wedding, private party of corporate event.

India Jones Chow Truck Menu

An Indian Roti (Flat Bread), egg washed and rolled up like a burrito with chopped onions, tamarind chutney and one of the following items: Lamb/chicken/beef/shrimp/paneer/mushroom and cheese

Taco Chaat

*Taco Chaat*
Inspired by street foods of India, these crispy blue corn tacos (two) are filled with sweet chili slaw, tangy and spicy chutneys, raita, chopped onions and cilantro topped with chickpea vermicelli. Lamb/chicken/beef/potato

Street Chaat

*Street Chaat*
Samosas(2PCS), A Chaat(1PC), Samosa topped with chickpeas, raita, chopped onions and cilantro, and chickpea vermicelli, Chaat Masala Fries Spinach Pakora (fritters) *Aloo Tikki Chaat* Potato pancake topped with chickpeas,raita, chopped onions and cilantro, and chickpea vermicelli. Mango Chutney


Butter Chicken Curry
Served with basmati rice

Spicy Home Style Curry
Choice of chicken/beef/pork/fish - Served with basmati rice

Veggie Coconut Curry
Served with basmati rice

Saag Paneer
Spinach & cheese - Served with basmati rice

Channa, Daal or Rajma
Served with basmati rice

Indian Breads

Aloo Paratha

Paneer Paratha

Plain Nan

Garlic Nan

Sweet Chili Nan
Sweet chili

Khurmi Nan
Tomato garlic

Yogurt & cucumber


The #1
Any One Frankie + Any One Small Curry

The #2
Any Two Tacos + Any One Small Curry

The #3
Any Two Curries On Rice

The #4
Deluxe Combo Any Two Curries + Rice + Rait + One Samosa + Any One Nan

***Please note that all menu items, specials and prices are subject to change on a daily basis ***


India Jones Chow Truck

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