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Mess Hall Canteen

Mess Hall Canteen - For Taste & For Honor!


Mess Hall Canteen - Los Angeles

Mess Hall Canteen Food Truck is a unique gourmet food truck serving Southern California. The Mess Hall Canteen Food Truck mission is to serve over-the-top flavors while bringing recognition to the amazing personal needs of our military members past and present. They are dedicated to donating to charities that have proven they provide much needed assistance to our past and present military members. The Mess Hall Canteen Food Truck is veteran owned and family operated. Hire the Mess Hall Canteen Food Truck food truck for your next birthday, engagement party, or any party!

Mess Hall Canteen Menu

Grilled Cheese
Grilled cheese sandwich made with any of the “Styles” below

Mac-n-Cheese Bowl
Mac-n-Cheese Bowl made with any of the “Styles” below

Sauteed Kale Bowl
Sauteed Kale Bowl made with any of the “Styles” below


Drunken Sailor
Lobster, snow crab, bacon, masago aioli, sharp cheddar

Private Kobe
Braised wagyu beef, bacon, mushroom, charred onion aioli, bleu

War Pig
Pulled pork, bacon, napalm sauce, ranch drizzle, bleu

Major Beef
BBQ’d wagyu beef, bacon, chipotle aioli, sharp cheddar

Napalm Chicken
Chicken breast, bacon, napalm sauce, ranch drizzle, bleu

the MP
BBQ’d pulled pork, bacon, mac-n-cheese – served on a grilled glazed donut

Chicken breast, pesto, olive tapenade, sautéed kale, feta

the DMZ
Orange glazed pork, house-pickled kimchi, peanut sauce, sharp cheddar

***Please note that all menu items, specials and prices are subject to change on a daily basis ***


Mess Hall Canteen

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