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Palazzolo's Truck

Palazzolo's Truck - Over 30 Fantastico Flavors!

Palazzolo's Truck - Los Angeles

Palazzolo's Dessert Truck hits the streets bringing you over 30 flavors of Gelato and Sorbetto on the truck daily. The Palazzolo's dessert truck stands out because it uses fresh and 100% raw, healthy, all natural ingredients. When you are craving something sweet and delicious you don't have to feel guilty anymore. The flavors of gelato and sorbet on Palazzolo's dessert truck will make your mouth water and your taste buds smile. Everything is refreshing and satisfying about the Palazzolo's dessert truck. Can you imagine biting into Mascarpone Caramel Pistachio Gelato or Blood Orange Sorbetto? Those are just two of the amazing flavors available on the Palazzolo's dessert truck. If you know what is best for your friends and guests you will book the Palazzolo's dessert truck today. Hire the Palazzolo's dessert truck for your next event!

Palazzolo's Truck Menu

Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Toasted Coconut Almond Fudge, Triple Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cup, Italian Pistachio, Mascarpone Caramel Pistachio, Mexican Chocolate Chipotle, Mexican Chocolate Chipotle, Butter Pecan, White Chocolate Raspberry, Fresh Strawberry , Dutch Fudge Cookies And Cream , Banana Caramel Praline , Champagne and Peach , Salted Caramel , Cappuccino Dark Chocolate Swirl , Creme De Menthe Chip , Maple Bacon , Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough , Red Raspberry Ghost Pepper , Mackinaw Island Fudge , Strawberry Chocolate Chip , Oatmeal Stout Cookie Dough , Bourbon Caramel Pecan

Campari and Pear Sorbetto, Sweet Black Cherry Sorbetto, Lychee Lemongrass Sorbetto, Blood Orange Sorbetto, Mango Sorbetto, Red Raspberry Sorbetto

***Please note that all menu items, specials and prices are subject to change on a daily basis ***


Palazzolo's Truck

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If you would like to hire a food truck for your office park, schedule a food truck for your work space or inquire about a food truck festival, please click the food truck picture above and get started today by filling out our easy food truck form.  If you're looking for the best organic gourmet food truck in Los Angeles & Orange County, the Palazzolo's Truck food truck is the one!   Just click on the food truck caption above to contact us with questions on how to book the Palazzolo's Truck food truck. Book My Lot provides food trucks across the country, including Los Angeles food trucks, Orange County food trucks, El Segundo food trucks, Santa Monica Food Trucks, Long Beach food trucks, Manhattan Beach food trucks and many more surrounding areas!